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Academic Mentoring

UKG offers academic monitoring and mentoring services run by a team of qualified and experienced tutors and education consultants. This service is available upon request to suit all levels, interests and learning needs.

Whether or not our students know what they would like to do in the future, our education consultants will help them to prioritise the areas they want to focus on and monitor their progress. We will also give the students termly tutorials where they can discuss their strengths and areas to develop.

Private tutoring

We offer a range of tutoring subjects, taught on a one-to-one basis by one of our specialist teachers: Maths, English, Biology, Economics, Chinese and more for A Level or GCSE Preparation. We aim to keep all of our students motivated as they prepare for each exam. As well as past paper practice, they will have the opportunity to take control of their own learning in order to maximise their potential.

Our mentoring package and prices:

Registration fee

Liaison with student, parents, school and agent

Consultations with school teachers

(unlimited, at least once per term)

All school reports sent with translated summary

Academic progression consultations with student / parents 

(unlimited, at least once per term)

Attending all parents' meetings plus a report to the parents

Academic performance monitoring

Arrangement of private tutoring lessons

(not including tutoring fees, from 70 GBP per session)

Providing advice to student on studying in the UK and choosing GCSE / A-level subjects

University / School Placement (WePlace Plus) 

Guidance for scholarship applications in current school

Soft skills mentoring

(not including accommodation / transport fees if required)

2,900 GBP

per ACADEMIC year

(September to June)

180 GBP

Pricing Table Plugin

VIP Package: 15,000 GBP

(subject to availability)

  • All of the above
  • School or University Placement Package
  • WeCare Plus package
  • Personalised study plan throughout academic year
  • Guidance on Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • Advice on internships
  • University campus tours (accommodation and transportation fees are not included)
  • Information on inter-collegiate competitions
  • Subject specific assignments

To book an Academic Mentoring or VIP Package, please fill in our online Mentoring Booking Form or contact us for more information.

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