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Oxbridge and G5 Preparation

Oxbridge and G5* applicants face fierce competition as they are competing against the best candidates from all over the world. To gain yourself a ticket into one of the most prestigious institutions in the world, preparations are the key to a successful application.

Differing from other universities in the UK, G5 and Oxbridge admission processes go beyond UCAS application. Additional assessments mean that applicants need all the support they can get from experts like UKG to make their application stand out from the crowd.

*G5 (also known as Golden Triangle) are some of the top universities in the UK: the University of Cambridge, the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, the London School of Economics (LSE) and University College London (UCL).

UKG Oxbridge and G5 Application Service

With a team of experienced and dedicated consultants, UKG provides a comprehensive and hassle-free service to help applicants with their Oxbridge and G5 applications. Our services range from document checking, college short listing, personal statement assistance and reading list recommendations to admission test support and mock interview practice.

Our Oxford and Cambridge educated consultants can give applicants exclusive and first hand information and advice on the notoriously lengthy and difficult admission procedure, in order to fully prepare them. Through UKG’s professional and tailored service, applicants can reach their full potential and flourish.

Oxbridge and G5 Preparation Fees

Complete package including all the services listed below for 8,900 GBP plus a 180 GBP registration fee (our Oxbridge and G5 Preparation service is subject to availability).

To book a G5/Oxbridge package, please fill in our online Mentoring Booking Form or contact us for more information.

UKG Oxbridge/G5 Services
Oxford or Cambridge?

Students cannot apply to both Oxford and Cambridge, they will have to choose one or the other. UKG will provide a detailed comparison report based on the applicant’s personal circumstances and course preferences in order to choose the best suitable university.

College Selection

When applicants apply to Oxbridge, they also need to apply to a college. Each College has a different ethos, culture, admission procedure, accommodation types, facilities, availability of courses and quota of international students. With over 30 colleges to choose from at each university, UKG can help applicants to choose the best suitable college for their needs.

Academic Mentoring

UKG offers academic monitoring and mentoring services run by a team of qualified and experienced tutors and education consultants. We aim to keep students motivated, help them to prioritise areas to focus on and monitor their progress with the end goal of achieving 3 A*s in their A-levels or 40-42 points in their IB.

One-to-one Consultations

UKG’s knowledgeable and experienced consultants will encourage applicants to consider and discuss new ideas around their subject area. The entire consultation process will not only focus on the Oxbridge and G5 application, but will extend beyond this to future career paths and aspirations.

Visits and Competitions

UKG will arrange visits for students and their families to the universities, as well as providing information on open days and seminars. We will ensure students have all the necessary information before making their university, college and course choices. We will also provide competition suggestions for students to enter which will make their Oxbridge and G5 application stand out from the crowd.

Personal Statement Guidance

Personal Statements are one of the most important elements of university applications. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate applicants’ ambitions, skills, experience and subject knowledge and it is often a deciding factor of whether applicants are put through to the next stage. Our experienced team have a great track record of ensuring Personal Statements are unique and powerful in order for students’ applications to stand out.

Reading List Recommendations

Throughout the application process, it is important for applicants to demonstrate that they have read extensively and have a broad knowledge of their subject area. UKG can provide a customised reading list and reading materials based on applicants’ subject areas to ensure they stand out to the admission tutors.

Admission Tests and Interviews

Applicants will be provided with past admission test papers to become familiar with the style and approach to questions asked. Qualified and experienced tutors are also available to offer valuable support and tips on exam techniques.
Oxbridge interviews are known to be tricky and challenging. UKG will provide applicants with necessary skills and carry out mock interviews to ensure all applicants are fully prepared, aware of what to expect and complete the interview as successfully as possible.

Internship and Work Experience

Many G5 universities require students to have work experience as well as high academic grades. With UKG’s Professional Development Course, students will learn valuable skills including how to market themselves with a standout CV and cover letter, and interview techniques. We will then arrange internships for students in the field of their choice, adding an extra element to their university application.

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