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UK School Placement

Since 2002, UKG has successfully helped students gain admission into reputable schools all around the UK, allowing students to flourish and reach their potential. We provide a seamless and comprehensive service, offering a high level of support to students and parents.

Why choose UKG?
  • We have contacts in schools throughout the UK, enabling us to speed up and track applications.
  • With the help of our contacts, we can assist you in gaining a place at a school that you may not have considered applying to.
  • We have successfully placed students into many top UK schools including Westminster School, Queen Ethelburga’s College, Wycombe Abbey School, Sevenoaks School and Concord College.
  • We provide a free school placement exam, enabling us to find the perfect school for your academic needs.
  • Every student is assigned a personal consultant who will help you to select the best schools based on your needs and the schools’ entry requirements.
  • Your personal consultant will check your documents and application materials before submitting them to the school on your behalf.
  • We have an experienced team who can proofread, edit and offer advice about Personal Statements in order for your application to stand out.
  • Optional services are available including tutoring in a variety of subjects, interview skills and art and design portfolio consultations.
  • We can provide you with information on student scholarships and assist you with the application process.


Our placement packages and prices:

No Registration Fees

Initial consultation

Document checking

Submitting application with our contacts in schools

Application tracking

UKG school placement exam

Consultation with senior education consultant

Liaison with schools pre-application

Assisting with application preparation

Document proofreading

Providing school scholarship information

Arranging private tutoring lessons (not including tutoring fees, from 70 GBP per session)

Late applications

Top UK school applications

Complicated cases

Chaperoning to school visits, exam days or interview days

Interview preparation

Personal Statement writing consultations

WePlace Plus

895 GBP




360 GBP per day

300 GBP per session

300 GBP per session

WePlace SOS

3,695 GBP

300 GBP per session

300 GBP per session

To book a School Placement Package, please fill in our online Placement Booking Form or contact us for more information.

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