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Work Experience Programme

An ideal opportunity for those wishing to improve their job prospects and gain valuable work experience in the UK. The UKG Work Experience and Work Placement Programme combines our professional development course with either a paid or unpaid work placement in the industry of your choice.

Professional Development Course

A short training course will be tailored to your needs prior to your work placement to ensure you get work experience in your desired field, settle in the workplace quickly and to maximise the benefit of the experience.

You will learn:
– How to market yourself
– How to write a standout CV
– How to write a “correct” covering letter or supporting statement
– What makes a successful interview:
    • Interview approach and technique
    • Various types of interviews and interview questions
    • Tricky interview questions
– How to negotiate a job offer
– Dos and Don’ts
– The skills to communicate, work and integrate well in a multicultural environment
– An insight into the workplace and position appointed to you

Work Placement in the UK

We will find you a work placement (6 to 52 weeks) matching your chosen field and relevant experience or qualifications.
We offer two types of placements:

Paid: hospitality and healthcare placements (minimum 6 months). The placement could be anywhere in the UK (depending on availability).

Unpaid: wide choice of industries listed below (minimum 6 weeks). The majority of the companies are located in London with a few in other major cities in the UK.

List of Industries

Arts / Museums
Business Administration
Customer Services
Electrical / Mechanical
Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Human Resources
NGO / Charity
Public Relations
Real Estate
Social Media
Software Programming
Technical / Vocational
Trade / Logistics
Web Programming


Substantial Boost to your CV

You will receive a report and reference from your supervisor at work at the end of the placement, which will be an excellent addition to your CV and job prospects.

This programme will enhance your future career opportunities and add work experience in the UK to your CV.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is available to anyone who is entitled to work in the UK including EU nationals and Tier 4 / Tier 5 visa holders.

You must be aged 18 and above and have an English level of A2 – C2 (Intermediate – Proficiency).

UKG offers housing and transfer assistance upon request.

Work Experience and Work Placement Programme Fees

Complete package including professional development course and work placement for 890 GBP.
To book a Work Experience Programme, please fill in our online Work Placement Booking Form or contact us for more information.

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