Temporary Guardianship

UKG offers a temporary guardianship service which is perfect for students who require a guardian for a short period of time. The service is available for a minimum of 1 day and can include any of the following:

  • Guardianship during school holidays and exeat weekends
  • Airport and school transfers
  • Guardianship during holiday programmes (e.g. summer school)
  • Guardianship when the main guardian is unavailable
  • Homestay arrangements
  • Escorting students to events
  • Representing parents when necessary

Our temporary guardianship service includes the same level of care and attention as our educational guardianship packages, including 24/7 emergency care and assistance and liaison with the student/school/homestay/parents when necessary. Our committed and reliable team offer a high level of support to students across the whole of the UK.

Temporary Guardianship Fees

Please contact us for prices or more information.