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Guardianship Booking Form


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Guardianship Terms and Conditions

This agreement is made and entered into by and between UKGuardianship (“UKG”) and the legal guardian (“the Parent”) of the student (“the Student”) with the specific and mutual goals of providing the agreed guardianship service. Therefore, it is mutually agreed that:

1. The Responsibility of UKG
1.1. The agreement is valid for the period stated above.
1.2. For services lasting 1 year, the agreement is valid from 1st September until 30th June and the guardianship fee shall be paid annually.
1.3. UKG shall provide the service agreed during the period indicated. Any additional services requested by the Parent will incur administration / service fees.
1.4. UKG shall not provide guardianship services during summer and winter holidays. Holiday guardianship can be purchased separately.
1.5. UKG agrees to comply to all rules and requirements stipulated by AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students).
1.6. All members of staff working with children and employed by UKG including external contracted parties, e.g. host families, drivers and teachers shall meet the requirements set out by AEGIS, especially the DBS checks.
1.7. When requested by the Parent, UKG will send a member of staff where available to pay additional visits or attend additional meetings / events.
1.8. When requested, UKG will arrange homestay accommodation for students. Details of how to make bookings and what to expect from a host family can be found in the Student and Parent Handbooks.
1.9. When requested by the Parent, UKG will arrange homestay accommodation and airport transfers for the Parent during their visit to the UK and charge the Parent the fees incurred. UKG shall not book other accommodation which is not registered with UKG.
1.10. UKG agrees to provide the Parent with their office opening and closing hours and work days. Except for emergencies, UKG shall respond only during office hours and work days indicated.

2. The Responsibility of the Parent
2.1. The Parent agrees to provide UKG and the School with the Student’s travelling plans during school breaks at the beginning of each term, enabling UKG to perform their duties, including looking after the Student and making suitable arrangements properly and appropriately. A fee of 100 GBP is chargeable if the information is given later than indicated.
2.2. The Parent agrees to provide UKG with at least one month’s notice to arrange homestay accommodation. A two-night minimum stay applies to all homestay bookings. Homestay bookings are charged per night but an extra night is charged if the student leaves after 12pm on the last day.
2.3. The Parent agrees to check their emails regularly. UKG is not responsible to bear damages if emails are not read in time. To keep the best quality of service, the Parent shall respond to correspondence from UKG in a timely manner. An emergency number is provided when the agreement takes effect.
2.4. The Parent agrees to comply with the School’s rules and requirements. UKG agrees to report to the School and the Parent shall the Student break the rules, including but not limited to having a longer holiday and staying in a hotel.
2.5. The Parent agrees to bear all bank charges and administrative fees. UKG shall charge from the Student Fund Account when needed.
2.6. The Parent agrees to ensure the Student’s passport, visa and legal documents are up to date, unless otherwise specified.
2.7. In emergency cases such as student suspension or a student falling ill and having to leave the school (except in the case of a contagious illness), UKG will arrange additional services for the Student, e.g. accommodation or taxi transfers, even if the parent cannot be contacted. In these cases, UKG will charge from the Student Fund Account. If the student does not have a Fund Account, the Parent agrees to pay the fees for the additional services.
2.8. When a Student visit or parent’s meeting is arranged, the Parent agrees to bear the fees incurred, including but not limited to transportation and accommodation fees. UKG will charge from the Student Fund Account.
2.9. If a service is booked for the Student (such as homestay, transfer, tutoring), subsequent services with the same service provider must be booked through UKG. The Parent agrees not to approach or book services with these service providers independently.
2.10. The Parent and Student agree to comply to all guidance and regulations set out in the Student and Parent Handbooks, as well as all of UKG’s Policies and Procedures.

3. Agreement Termination and Refund Policy
3.1. The agreement shall take effect once it is signed and the agreed fee is received in full.
3.2. The guardianship service fee is non-refundable.
3.3. In the case of a visa refusal, an admin fee of 10% of the payment received or the registration fee (whichever is larger) will be charged once a refusal letter is received.
3.4. UKG shall terminate the agreement immediately if the Student is expelled by the School. A refund is not permissible.
3.5. Two week’s notice prior to arrival in writing is required should the Parent or the Student wish to cancel any arranged homestay accommodation (or two days’ notice for taxi transfers) for a refund to be considered. The administration fees are non-refundable. If administration fees have not been charged, an administration fee of 10% of the accommodation/transfer fees applies to a refund.
3.6. If less than two weeks’ notice is given for any changes to accommodation bookings, two weeks or the total stay of accommodation fees is chargeable (whichever is shorter).
3.7. If less than two days’ notice is given for any changes to transfer bookings, the full transfer fee is chargeable.
3.8. The agreement will be terminated if any of the above conditions are not met.
3.9. The Parent agrees to notify UKG before the end of the Spring (2nd) term should they wish to discontinue the guardianship service the next academic year or a penalty of 35% of the guardianship fee will be charged.

4. Valid for Flexi-Guardianship packages only:
4.1. Services provided depend on which Blocks are chosen at the time of booking. This can be found at https://ukguardianship.com/guardianship-prices/.
4.2. If Block B (Holidays) is not booked, the Parent agrees to inform UKG as early as possible if they would like to book additional services for the Student during school holidays, e.g. homestay accommodation, taxi transfers etc.
4.3. If Block C (Communication) is not booked, the Parent agrees to check and reply to emails from the Student’s school. UKG is not responsible to bear damages if emails from the school are not read and replied to in time.

5. Valid for all packages containing Block B, including WeCare GOLD, WeCare A+, WeCare A++ and other packages:
The Parent agrees to transfer sufficient funds into the Student Fund Account whenever requested by UKG. UKG shall notify the Parent when the amount in the account is below 1,500 GBP. The Student Fund shall be used to pay for homestay accommodation, transfers and emergencies. The Parent shall transfer additional funds should they wish to give the Student spending money or directly into the Student’s bank account. UKG reserves the right to refuse to make arrangements when there aren’t sufficient funds in the account, or a penalty of 100 GBP or 10% of the fee pre-paid by UKG (whichever is larger) shall be compensated.

6. Severability
If any part, paragraph or any portion of any section of this Agreement is determined to be unenforceable or invalid for any reason whatsoever that unenforceability or invalidity shall not affect the enforceability or validity of the remaining portions of this Agreement and such unenforceable or invalid part, paragraph or portion thereof shall be severed from the remainder of this Agreement.

7. Disputes
This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the UK and it shall be interpreted on the basis of the laws of the UK. Any disagreements between the Parties and related to the Agreement shall be settled by negotiations. Upon failure to reach an agreement, the disagreements shall be settled in the UK Court pursuant to the laws applicable in the UK.

8. Change of School
When requested by the Parent, UKG shall transfer the Student to a different School. A placement fee is chargeable. The Parent is responsible for informing the School of any changes and UKG shall not be liable for any school penalties charged.

9. Limitation of Liability: Indemnification
Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, neither party hereto shall be liable for any liability, claims, losses, costs, expenses, injuries, or damages of any nature whatsoever, which the other may be subject to or incur as a result of any activities in connection with this Agreement. Each party shall indemnify and hold the other harmless from and against any liability, claims, losses, costs, expenses, injuries or damages howsoever caused, by reason of any injury sustained to person or property, arising out of, associated with, or reasonably foreseeable as a result of a party’s act, negligence, default, or omission, and shall pay all sums to be paid or discharged in relation thereto. When a student is staying with a host family, the homestay (and UKG) will not be liable for any conduct of the student. If either party is sued in any court by reason of the conduct of the party as described above, such other party will discharge any judgment rendered in favour of the opposing litigant. Nothing herein is intended to nor shall it relieve either party from liability for its own conduct.

10. Force Majeure
In the event that UKG is unable to perform its obligations under the terms of this Agreement, directly or indirectly, because of forces beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of God or government, acts of war or terrorism, fire, natural disaster, contagious pandemic, labour stoppage, equipment failure, or other causes reasonably beyond its control, UKG shall not be liable for damages to the other party for any damages resulting from such failure to perform or otherwise from such causes.

11. Data Protection
11.1. UKGuardianship is fully committed to compliance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Independent Commissioner’s Office (ICO). Therefore, procedures will be followed which ensure that all employees who have access to any personal data held by the company are fully aware of and adhere to their duties under the GDPR and the ICO. Personal information will be stored securely, ensuring that any information kept is adequate, relevant and dealt with appropriately and kept for no longer than its intended use. Our full Privacy Policy can be found here.
11.2. Student information may be requested by schools, universities, host families or tutors if you have booked a service. Submitting the form above will confirm that you are happy for your details to be passed on. You can request a copy of this information from UKGuardianship. Please note that UKGuardianship will never pass your details onto any third parties without your prior consent.
11.3. Personal information of host families or tutors may be sent to you in advance. Submitting the form above will confirm that you will store this information safely, you will never pass any details on to a third party and you will delete the data when it is no longer needed.

UKG reserves the right to make changes to its services and prices.

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