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University Guardianship

Students who are under the age of 18 and wish to study in a university or college in the UK usually need an appointed guardian. Although 16-17 year old students may feel like adults, especially if they are applying to universities in another country, they are still classed as minors under UK law. Due to this, most UK universities and colleges require that students whose families live overseas have an appointed guardian living in the UK to act on their behalf during term time and university holidays.

Most universities do not require the name of an appointed UK guardian until the student has been accepted onto a programme. However, a handful of universities (for example, University College London (UCL)) request guardianship information prior to acceptance. By choosing the UKG University Guardianship Service, you can rest assured that you will not need to pay any additional fees if you end up attending a university that is not your first choice.

UKG University Guardianship Service

UKG has full AEGIS accreditation and our guardianship team has many years of experience in educational guardianship in the UK, as well as excellent knowledge of the UK university system and connections with a large number of UK universities and colleges. We fully understand the needs of university students and have much experience providing university guardianship services.

Our University Guardianship package meets university and visa regulations, while allowing students to keep their independence with the knowledge that their dedicated Guardianship Coordinator is available 24/7 in cases of emergency.

University Guardianship Fees

The UKG University Guardianship service is £1,215 per academic year. Alternatively, for students with shorter study durations, sign up for shorter terms: £490 for the first term, £370 for the second term (terms: Sep-Dec, Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun), plus a £90 registration fee.

Additional services can be purchased separately if needed. Please visit our Prices and Packages page for a full list of services.

To book University Guardianship, please fill in our online University Guardianship Booking Form or contact us for more information.