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About the Programme

It is of crucial importance for all parents to know that their children will be cared for while they are living and studying in a different country. In addition, The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) (responsible for student visas) and most UK schools require that students whose families live overseas have a legal guardian living in the UK to act on their behalf during term time and when the school is closed.

UKG has full AEGIS Accreditation and our guardianship team has many years of experience in educational guardianship in the UK, providing a 24-hour, seven days a week service that offers a high level of support to students, parents and schools. Our aim is to provide all the support we can to ensure students obtain the best academic results in our care while providing them with a secure and caring environment during their stay in the UK.

Responsibilities of the guardian team include:
  • Acting on behalf of parents in situations where they are unable to do so due to distance or timing.
  • Looking after students’ welfare in the UK, especially when the school is closed for holidays.
  • Providing a host family* for students to stay with during half term and fixed exeat weekends when the school is closed.
  • Helping students arrange travel both in the UK (taxi, train or bus) and back home (flight bookings, transfers).
  • Helping students if anything goes wrong during their time in the UK, e.g. if they get into trouble at school, if they have problems with immigration or lost/stolen passports, if they need to go to hospital.
  • Being available for students anytime, particularly if they are worried about work, school, friends, their own family (e.g. if they are homesick), the host family they stay with, etc.

*Our carefully selected and inspected host families are fully checked and required to protect, care for and provide meals and lodging for students. Please note, however, students’ guardianship in the UK remains with UKG at all times.

Guardianship Packages

UKG offers various guardianship packages to suit all needs. To find out more about the packages and which is most suitable for you, please click here.

Find out How to Apply for a student guardianship package, fill in our online Guardianship Booking Form, or contact us for more information.

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