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Carrie, student

UKG is the correct choice. In these two years, the dedicated teachers took care of me like my own parents, such as organising dinner for Chinese New Year which reduced my homesickness. My Guardianship Coordinator is a friend and teacher, she provided valuable advice and helped me release stress from exams and studies. Another Guardianship Coordinator was responsible for actively cooperating with the school for me. In short, whether in learning or life, their whole team has given me a lot of support, as long as I knew they are here it gave me peace of mind.


Faye, Agent

“As an educational agent, I always want the best for my clients and UKG has been my first choice for years. Their first priority is to look after your child and they take a personal interest in the education and welfare of every student in their care. They are offering customised service packages to suit your needs. To work with UKG, to leave your child in good hands.”


Sara, Agent

“UKG will care for your child throughout his or her stay in the UK; remain in constant touch with them, the school and the host family. They will keep you regularly informed of your child’s progress, and give you the benefit of their considerable experience, to your child’s best advantage. Their guardian is responsible to care and look after your child offering not only educational advice but help your son/daughter experience a warm friendly welcome to the UK.”


Cherry, Parent

“As a mother, I was very worried about my children when she first go abroad. I hear that looking for a reliable guardian would be better. With UKG it’s like me around her.”


Shirley, Agent

“In view of your friendly, professional and comprehensive service for overseas students studying anywhere in the UK, I see how students are treated and looked after and how much progress they make socially and academically. You work hard to take care of all the day to day and practical arrangements, more importantly, to make sure our students are happy, well and making the best possible progress academically. I am of the opinion that your guardianship service, as always, is my most reliable choice.”


Yvette, Agent

“We have worked with UKG since 2012. UKG has provided first class guardianship services to our students studying in boarding schools. Our students and their parents have benefitted from their attentive services. If you are looking for a reliable guardian service, we whole-heartedly recommend UKG as a leader in the field.”


Town, Parent

“As the parent of my child, I feel quite relieved and no worry about my child just because of the UKG’s work. No matter where my child is, or anything wrong with him, I can make sure that UKG will help him to deal with it perfectly on time all the time.”


Hsin-Ning, Agent

“When it comes to studying at boarding schools in the UK, you can definitely count on UKG. Over the years we have worked with UKG, they provide our students with first-rate services throughout the process, from school selection, preparation for application to guardianship after admission, and many more. Their experience and expertise have won them extremely positive feedbacks from both our students and their parents. For anyone wishing to turn their UK study experience from intimidating into enjoyable, UKG is your best choice.”


Mrs Shu, Host

“UKG are impressive in terms of co-ordination, their understanding of the students and very importantly they are supportive to both the host family and the students. I highly recommend their company.”


Summer, Agent

“As an educational counsellor who has many years of experiences in the study abroad industry, it’s really my willing to recommend UKG to students for studying in UK. UKG can provide full range of service, including airport pickup, boarding arrangements, 24 hour life guidance, emergency contact and so on. Therefore, if you wish to choose a good guardianship services company, UKG is your best choice.”


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