Guardianship for European students at boarding schools in the UK

Educational guardianship students

As a European student studying at a boarding school in the UK, the distance from your home country is not a huge problem; you can travel home and see your family as much as you want, especially during the holidays.

When searching for packages with guardianship organisations, you may be put off to find unnecessary services included, such as homestay accommodation, taxi transfers and management of a student fund. For this reason, UKG has created a Basic Guardianship Package especially for European students.

What is included in the European Guardianship Package?

Included in our Basic Package:

  • 24/7 emergency care and assistance. Students are given a mobile number to use in cases of emergency.
  • Providing official documents as required by schools and authorities. We will complete any relevant forms and contact the school to inform them that we are the student’s guardian.
  • Liaison with the student, parents and school. We are available to help with queries by email/phone during office hours. We will also be in contact with the school whenever necessary.
  • Regular contact with the student. We will contact the student at least twice per term to check that they are well and happy in the UK.

guardianship in boarding schoolWe also offer a wide range of other services that can be booked as and when needed (for example, if you need us to attend a parents’ meeting, if you require a taxi transfer or if you would like to book private tutoring sessions). Our prices are completely transparent and you can find a full list on our website:
Price list for Educational Guardianship Packages

Do I need an educational guardian if I am European?

Most boarding schools in the UK require students to have an appointed guardian. They will usually need to receive details of your guardian during the application process. UKG offers a very fast service – as soon as we receive confirmation of your payment, we will issue a guardianship letter.

Some schools offer their own guardianship services; however, we would recommend choosing an accredited guardianship organisation such as UKG in case any problems arise in the school.

As the UK is probably quite close to your country, you will be able to travel home for all the school holidays: Easter, Christmas, half term breaks and exeat weekends (if your school has these). For this reason, you may not think that having an appointed guardian in the UK is important. However, emergencies can occur which your school may not be able to deal with.

For example, recently one of our European guardianship students caught chicken pox. The student could not travel home as he had exams coming up and he could not remain in his boarding house in case he infected other students. Therefore, we had to find emergency homestay accommodation for him until he recovered. Thankfully, the student has now fully recovered and was able to take his exams.

guardianship friends UKHow do I book a European guardianship package?

Booking a guardianship package with UKG is very simple:

  • Complete and submit our online booking form (select ‘Basic’ under Guardianship Package Required).
  • Send an email to and include a copy of the photo page in the student’s passport and a copy of the school’s offer letter.
  • We will reply to you within 1 working day and send an invoice.
  • When we receive the payment confirmation from you, we will send a guardianship letter and complete relevant forms from the school.
  • Please let us know if you need the letter urgently – in this situation, the whole process can be completed within a few hours.

For more information about European Guardianship, please contact us.