5 Reasons to Book a GCSE, A-Level or School / University Tutor

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

This quote from Albert Einstein perfectly sums up school life – we cannot be the best at every subject in school; you may have a real talent for Maths but struggle with English, you may find Economics exams really easy but have no idea where to start when revising for Biology exams.

We all struggle sometimes in school and in life and it is not a bad thing to ask for help every so often. If you have GCSE or A-level exams coming up and you would like to improve your skills in order to achieve a higher mark, you could find a tutor to help you. Tutors can also help with school entrance exams, foundation years and university applications.

Why should I get a tutor?

  1. If you find a tutor who specialises in the subject you would like to improve on, they will be able to give you expert advice and help you with the specific topics you are struggling to grasp.
  1. Achieving high marks in an exam is not just about knowing the information, you also need to have the right exam skills. Tutors will be able to give you mock tests as well as advice on how to tackle the exam on the day.
  1. If you choose private tuition options, you will be able to go at your own pace to really understand the topics, rather than trying to keep up with your classmates in school.
  1. Experienced tutors will be able to share other students’ experiences with you, giving you advice and tips on how these students coped in similar situations.
  1. You will often find that tutors love the subject they are teaching and will therefore find a way to make it fun, enjoyable and interesting for you to learn.


How can I find a private tutor?

Finding a specialist tutor can be difficult but don’t worry, UKG is here to help! We will do the hard parts for you: we will find the perfect tutor for your needs and we will sort out all the arrangements. We can arrange tutoring sessions on our premises or at a location of your choice; we can even arrange online lessons if this is preferable.

UKG has a team of qualified and experienced tutors with expertise in a wide range of subjects including:

  • Maths: A Level, GCSE or Foundation Year
  • English: IELTS preparation or English Literature
  • Physics: A-Level or GCSE
  • Biology: A-Level or GCSE
  • Economics: A-Level, GCSE or Foundation Year
  • Chinese: A-Level, GCSE or Chinese Language and Literature
  • Art and Design Portfolio
  • Interview Skills for University Applications
  • Learning Attitudes
  • Study Skills including research reading list and study schedule

If you would like to book a tutoring session or for more information, please contact us on +44 (0) 20 8387 4095 or service@ukguardianship.com.