Guardianship for overseas students in the UK

day school students

What is a guardian?

Many students aged under 18 choose to study at boarding schools or day schools in the UK and it is often not practical for their parents to travel with them. In these cases, a UK-based guardian is usually appointed to act as the parents’ representative and take care of the student’s welfare and educational needs while in the UK. The guardian is sometimes a friend or family member; however, as this is a big responsibility, guardianship organisations are often used.

Do I need a guardian if I want to study in the UK?

It is of crucial importance for all parents to know that their children will be cared for while they are living and studying in a different country. In addition, The UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) (responsible for student visas) and most UK day and boarding schools require that students whose families live overseas have an educational guardian living in the UK to act on their behalf during term time and when the school is closed.

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What can I expect from a guardianship organisation?

UK educational guardianship companies usually offer the following services:

• Acting on behalf of parents in situations where they are unable to do so due to distance or timing.
• Looking after students’ welfare in the UK, especially when the school is closed for holidays.
• Providing a host family for students to stay with during half term and fixed exeat weekends when the school is closed.
• Helping students arrange travel both in the UK (taxi, train or bus) and back home (flight bookings, transfers).
• Helping students if anything goes wrong during their time in the UK, e.g. if they get into trouble at school, if they have problems with immigration or lost/stolen passports, if they need to go to hospital.
• Being available for students anytime, particularly if they are worried about work, school, friends, their own family (e.g. if they are homesick), the host family they stay with, etc.

Some guardianship organisations offer additional services for students such as university placement, school placement, academic mentoring and tutoring services.

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